Babies, Children and Teenage Reflexology

Just like with adults, reflexology is an amazing and beneficial treatment for babies, children and teenagers!

Babies are especially responsive to reflexology. Many mothers will instinctively rub their children’s feet and hands when their child is cranky, crying or unsettled. Babies feet have underdeveloped arches, and their skin and bones are usually soft making reflexology an effective and fast modality for babies. By applying gentle pressure to congested areas in the feet, blockages can be released to restore the flow od energy to the whole body.

Reflexology with children can begin at birth and can be used as a valuable tool for parents to calm and relieve their children’s upsets, it is a wonderful bonding time to have with your child and can be carried out on them as they grow.

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How can reflexology help my teenage Child?

Teenagers are often reluctant to ask for help, making it important to detect the signs both physical & emotional, of behavior which indicates some form of stress & anxiety.

Relaxation and hormone balancing techniques can be used with aim to stimulate and balance the cranial nerves, central nervous system and endocrine system, connecting and balancing the energies, helping teenagers to feel calmer, more confident, in control and balanced.

Reflexology can also help with other conditions your teenager may be going through e.g., skin issues, digestive, migraines and headaches, PMS issues, and many more.

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