Post Recovery Care

In the current climate, there is increasingly a need for bespoke consultations and treatments for post recovery from a variety of conditions and imbalances, whether they are short term or long-term.

Post recovery care is a term designed to apply to acute or chronic imbalances where symptoms continue afterwards and are designed to improve the quality of life and decrease these symptoms post an imbalance.

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It can be applied to many situations including the following:

  • Post Viral Recovery, including COVID-19 19 or Coronavirus.
  • Post-Operative Recovery
  • Post Chemotherapy and/or Radiation therapy Recovery (or used to support during the process)
  • Post-Partum (Post Pregnancy)
  • Chronic Fatigue (Short or Long term)
  • Any Post recovery situation (from a common cold through to major injuries and disease)
  • Acute and Chronic conditions